I’m passionate about public speaking. I’m known for giving talks full of of humour and big energy. I can cover any number of topics and ranges of complexity to suit a variety of environments, from non-techy to the nuts and bolts.

I’ve been fortunate to speak to many great audiences, including:

I also give regular lectures to students at Algonquin College  and do a vast amount of corporate training both online and in-class. 

Drop me an email any time at sue [at] jestercreative.com to discuss fees and scheduling.

Recent talks:
Council of Science Editors Annual Meeting
Montreal, QC
Communicating Through Media: From Journal Page to Centre Stage
Co-presented with Jim Handman, Executive Producer of CBC’s Quirks and Quarks

Social Capital Conference
Ottawa, ON
Morning Workshop: Produce. Using Tried and True Techniques of Production Professionals to Get Your Story Noticed
Afternoon Workshop (co-presenting with Shawn McDonell and Anthony Wong) Social Media Marketing from Concept to Completion
anel discussion: Social Media Goes to College 

International Association of Business Communicators Professional Development Day

Ottawa, ON
Lunchtime Keynote: Produce. Using Tried and True Techniques of Production Professionals to Get Your Story Noticed 

PAB is one of Canada’s top conferences for content creators. This year I did a JOLT! session, which is a 5 minute ‘quick hit’ format intended to get the audience charged up and thinking. Here’s the video of my JOLT! talk.

NDP Staff Forum
I gave two writing workshops and a social media workshop to NDP constituency staff from across Canada during this day-long forum.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM 2010
I spoke to Chamber volunteers from across Canada about Doing Business in the Conversation Age. The talk was geared to small business owners, and provided practical tips and concrete actions for building and maintaining a social media and online marketing strategy within their business.

Podcasters Across Borders 2010
I spoke at PAB2010, one of the top conferences in Canada for online content creators. My talk centered around the art of storytelling and how to produce online content that is relevant and meaningful.

Ignite Ottawa 2009
I was fortunate to be invited to speak at Ignite Ottawa. For those not familiar with the Ignite format, basically speakers are given just 5 minutes to get their point across – with just 20 slides that advance every 15 seconds! It was a wildly fun and amusing time, and I was even more amazed when the audience crowned me as Ignite Ottawa’s very first champion!

Sue Murphy – Online Community from Andrew Alexander on Vimeo.

[photo credit: Suzanne Ure on Flickr]


Designing The 21st Century College Classroom
Technology has fundamentally changed education. Students learn differently now, and technology such as smart phones, tablets, and social media tools are opening whole new worlds to teachers and students. In this talk, Susan will discuss some of the fundamental shifts occurring in education today. She’ll weigh the risks of communicating online with students, and present some exciting new models, such as the “Flipped Classroom” approach, that can help teachers to embrace technology in practical ways that will engage students and improve the classroom experience.

How to Use Video to Tell Your Story
Video is Susan’s first love. Over her 20+ year career, she’s produced nationally distributed television series, corporate videos, commercials, documentaries, and video podcasts. Video is one of the best tools to quickly and effectively tell stories online, but it needs to be done well to be effective. Many people shy away from video because they feel it’s too expensive or too challenging to produce. Sue will show you some simple techniques for getting up and running with incorporating video into your projects. She’ll cover some of the technical ins and outs of making quality productions, and also show you how to make your story ideas video friendly.

Doing Business in the Conversation Age
Social media has transformed the way we communicate and connect with one another. Never before has there been such a powerful way to reach your customers and clients. Building trusted relationships is the name of the game online, and in this talk Susan will discuss how to harness the power of new media to create strong connections with your customers and reach out and grab the attention and respect of new prospects. This is not a talk about tools alone, it’s a talk about how you can be successful working within this new medium.

Making Meaning: How to Create Content that Speaks to People

Everyone has a story to tell, but in a sea of information, it can be discouraging to try to create content that matters to your audience. Susan discusses some methods for developing and producing content that people will notice. You need to decide what stories to tell and how to deliver them most effectively. And once you’re wowing people with your stuff, she’ll provide some practical tips on how to keep the momentum going. After all, content is King…and everyone wants their time on the throne.

Your ideas?
Don’t see your topic here? Sue is totally open to suggestions too. She can speak on any number of topics, including new media marketing, video production, entrepreneurship, social media, not-for-profits, corporate communications, writing, and much more. Just drop her an email at sue [at] jestercreative.com, to chat more about what you need.