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The Art of the Ask

UPDATE: The winner of the tickets to Shmoozefest is Patti Church! Congrats! Stay tuned – at the end of this post I have a great giveaway!!! I am extremely fortunate to be involved in many amazing projects right now. In addition to my day jobs, which allow me to work […]


Creativity 101

I’m heading downtown this morning to spend the day with the wonderful gang at SAW Video Co-op. I’m on the Board of Directors there, and today is what’s known as a “Visioning Retreat”…which is really just a fancied up term for creative planning, I think. I don’t know exactly what […]

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Connecting in the Offline World

There’s an unusual trend happening in my life right now, in terms of how I’m connecting with people. I’m doing a lot of “offline” stuff. Perhaps it’s just the nature of my schedule of late, perhaps it’s intentional, perhaps it’s fate…but I am finding some great richness in the interactions […]