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My Three Words for 2016

For the past several years, I have followed the Chris Brogan method of new year vision-setting. Instead of resolutions, I choose three defining words for the coming year. I’ve found it really helps me to focus on what’s important. Three defining words can’t be “broken” like new year’s resolutions. They […]

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The Dark Days of Social Media

It’s 5am and I just had a conversation with a friend who, like me, can’t sleep. We talked briefly about how all of the things going on in the world these past days are worrisome…so worrisome that slumber escapes us. This is intensely troubling to me. Not only are we […]

about life

Taking a Break From the News

I have always been a self-professed news junkie. Just ask my husband, who I force on a daily basis to sit in front of the nightly newscast on TV. Or look at my Facebook or Twitter streams, chock full of the news feeds¬†from newspapers, online publications and TV news. I’ve […]