The Lost Art of Podcasting

It’s funny, you know. I see so many conversations happening about content creation that are focused around written content. It’s seems we are inundated with lessons on the best way to write a blog, and how to best leverage Twitter, 140 characters at a time. But let’s remember, podcasting has […]


I’m a Podcaster Now

One area that I’ve never really gotten involved with when it comes to social media has been podcasting. Oh sure, I’ve been a consumer of podcasts for years. There are so many great ones out there – Six Pixels of Separation, Marketing Over Coffee, Night of the Living Podcast – […]

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Finding Your Voice

My Grade 12 music teacher, Mr. G., believed that everyone has the ability to sing, they just need to find their voice. And you know what? The same can be said about blogging, podcasting, tweeting, and, well, just about anything to do with communicating online. When we are first starting […]