4 Ways to Become a Better Writer


I almost failed Grade 11 English. Yep, me. Someone who now includes in their professional bio, on the first line, that she’s a writer. Someone who actually makes a living by writing. I was nearly a failure at the English language. It’s true – my grammar was awful, sentence structure was lost on me, and […]

How to Find Your Stories


To anyone who knows me, I’m sure I sound like a broken record by now. But social media has never, and will never, be about the tools. The tools are fleeting, they change, and yes, if you’re going to be in this space, you have to understand what it means when new tools come along […]

What Ever Happened to Writing from the Heart?


I recently did a big purge from my Google Reader. I usually do this once every few months. Not only do I remove subscriptions blogs that no longer seem to be active, I also use the purge as a chance to get rid of blogs that just aren’t producing great content anymore. There are only […]