Food and Cats? Why I do It

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I sometimes jokingly warn people when they start following me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook to be prepared for lots of photos of my dinner and my cats. It’s usually good for a chuckle or two. The truth is, I do post a lot of food and cat pictures on my social media […]

Why We Aren’t Ready For a One Screen World


Last night I attended a jam packed Third Tuesday Ottawa, where the ever popular Mitch Joel wowed the crowd with some great insights from his latest book, “Ctrl Alt Delete” (buy yours here, it’s an amazing book!) Anyone who knows me, Mitch included, knows that I’m one of his biggest fans. He’s one of the […]

2 Smart Ways To Manage Your Online Reputation


Earlier this week, I wrote about online reputation and how important it is that you manage yours. Because the conversations will go on whether you’re there or not, and if you don’t respond appropriately, you could be in for a world of pain and a long recovery. The hard truth is, if you’re in any […]