Playing in the Sandbox of Creativity


I started SuzeMuse in 2006. I literally chose the name when I set up my first WordPress blog. The sign up form was sitting there, staring at me, waiting for me to type something. Given that “Susan Murphy” is a rather common name, it was, of course, already taken. Suze is a nickname my Dad […]

A Kick in the Pants for New Bloggers


You’ve got the itch to blog, congratulations! It’s a wondrous thing. I started my first blog in 2006, and I have reaped rich rewards both personally and professionally. I use this blog as a bit of a sandbox – it’s where I experiment with new ideas and play around with features. Blogging helps me to […]

One Step to Becoming a Better Storyteller


Think of someone you know who tells a great story. The kind of person for whom virtually everything that comes out of their mouth is in the form of an interesting story. They are the kind of people you can listen to for hours on end. Someone like Liz. Or The Dude. Storytellers do what […]