Become a Blogger in One Week

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. When it comes to blogging, or creating any sort of platform online, it can be extra hard to get started. It’s usually part fear, part finding the time, and part being overwhelmed by the whole concept. After all, “platform” is a daunting word. It conjures up something huge […]

Deeper Thinking Equals Better Blogging


I get very insecure about blogging. I think that I don’t have anything original to say, that I’m just re-hashing stuff you can find anywhere. I’m always appreciative when people stop by to read and comment, but deep down I sometimes feel like I’m still not doing enough. I’ve been on a journey to improve […]

Words of Encouragement for New Bloggers


You know what really grinds my gears? The number of holier than thou, “tough love” posts I’m seeing lately criticizing others for “doing it wrong” when it comes to social media. What’s sad is, I’m seeing these posts from reputable, high profile people in this space. While perhaps their intentions are good, I think that […]